title: Bioinformatics of Gene Regulation (BiGeR)
reg no: ETF5724
project type: Estonian Science Foundation research grant
subject: 1.8. Molecular Biology
status: accepted
institution: Estonian Biocentre
head of project: Jaak Vilo
duration: 01.01.2004 - 31.12.2007
description: For organism to function properly the gene products have to appear only in those tissues and cells where they are needed and only then when they are needed depending on the biological processes or environental pressures. In order to achieve this gene regulation has to function precisely and robustly. It is of a major importance to better understand all aspects of such regulation in large scale. In this project we propose to 1) establish a database for storing information about experimental as well as in silico predicted aspects about the gene regulation and 2) to develop novel computational methods for studying aspects of gene regulation in silico. The database will enable us to further develop novel analysis techniques for predicting information about transcription factors, their binding sites and combinations thereof, modules in transcriptional regulation (which genes are coregulated under specific biological processes), and more general gene regulatory networks and properties. After the establishment of the database the various computational analyses will be performed and analysis results entered. Database will be developed so that these results can be efficiently compared against other previously known experimentally verified information and/or previous predictions. New analysis and visualization methods that will developed during the project will be incorporated into the Expression Profiler and made available as a web enabled service. We will also make available the tools and results at the European Bioinformatics Institute web site (http://ep.ebi.ac.uk/) where they can be used on large scale computer environment.

project group
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1.Jaak ViloEstonian BiocentreScientist